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About Ming_Ki

I am an unexpected exception that just happened to happen
"first_name" : "Ming_Ki",
"last_name" : "Chong",
"also_known_as" : "The guy with an _underscore",
"who_am_i" : "Software Developer, Researcher, Mentor, Leader"

My Name

My full name is "Ming Ki Chong". "Ming Ki" is my first name, and "Chong" is my surname. People often get confused by the blank space in my first name and called me "Ming" or "Ki Chong" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. To make life simpler I substituted the blank space for an underscore, so you can call me the guy with an _underscore.

@ Booking.com

I am a backend software developer and currently team leading two teams in Application Security of Booking.com. My teams are responsible for protecting Booking.com from security vulnerabilities and detecting anomalies and bots.
Before working in security, I have multiple years of experience of building APIs (RESTful services) and optimising system architecture for high volume of traffic. I was part of the team (which I later became their team lead) that implemented and successfully launched Booking.com's Content API; a direct channel for content managers to build and maintain properties on Booking.com. The team also migrated a huge monolith into smaller modules, with an intention to move them to microservices.
I also implemented the Brotli compression feature for Booking.com's frontend website. Results of the A/B test showed that the feature is over 10% more data efficient compared to gzip compression. The improved compression enabled quicker delivery of Booking.com's web content to end users.

My Research Interests

I have special interests in user-centered design and creating technology that is easy to use. Before Booking.com, I was a researcher in University of Glasgow and Lancaster University in the UK. I have a PhD in Computer Science with a specialisation in understanding users' needs. My research interests are in the cross section of Computer Science, Mobile Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, and Security and Authentication. I collaborated with researchers to investigate topics of pairing mobile devices (i.e. spontaneous device association), eye tracking, touch and gestural user interaction, and interventions for work-life balance. Feel free to have a look at my publications or reach out to me if you are interested in any of the topics.

My Skills & Strengths

Excellent skills in Communication, Team Management, and Leadership
Strong problem analysis and solving skills
Passion for creating amazing customer experiences (PhD in understanding users' needs)
Self-starter with experience working in agile environment and dynamic teams
Building easy-to-use APIs and RESTful services and writing technical documentation
Strong knowledge of optimising system architecture (process, memory, storage and networking)
Proficient in Git; Perl; Java; C#; SQL; PHP; HTML/CSS/JS; XML; Android; Flutter and Dart;

Past Projects

MyLifeRocket is a project that focused on life-style habits and well-being. It is a web-based self-tracking platform for people to report their behaviour/thought/mood. It incorporates social networking features which allow friends to join experiments, as well as share and discuss their experience.
Below is a short demo:
SqueezeDiary is a mobile app that literally allows users to squeeze the moment (source). A user enter a diary event by squeezing a sensor ball. The squeeze action triggers the system to record the timestamp, the location, and the pressue as a diary instance. The user can later review and reflect on the stored instances, as well as add additional information. In parallel, I also created a mobile text diary for comparson (source).
The SqueezeDiary app was showcased in multiple international conferences. The research study result was published in INTERACT 2015.
Where's It is a simple mobile app (source) that allows users to record their current location by a push of a button. The users can later review the location on a map and navigate back to the location.
Get it on Google Play
My Location Address is built with Flutter (source). It retrieves the address of the user's location.
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Academic Volunteering